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Edgar Thurston was one of the most famous of ethnographic researchers of the English colonial days in the South Asian Subcontinent, which is currently occupied by Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

Omens and Superstitions of Southern India is one of his famous books. This book deals with the innumerable rites, rituals, customs, spiritual beliefs, superstitions, omens and such other themes connected to the antiquity of the southern parts of the subcontinent.

He has done very detailed descriptive writings on such subjects as omens, superstitions, evil eye, serpent worship, spiritual offerings, charms, human and animal sacrifices, mantras, divinations, fortune-telling, agricultural ceremonies &c.

For those who are interested in getting to know of the real antiquities of this location, this book is most recommendable.

A commentary on this book can be found in Software codes of mantra, tantra, witchcraft, black magic, evil eye, evil tongue &c.
 P02. Mohammad the Prophet! A remarkable tale of fortitude, resilience & forbearance!
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Periodically social systems crave for a cleansing. It is a mood created by divine will. It is not God’s duty to hold every man and place him in a particular position and induce agreeable passions. It is for man to learn, and arrive. This calls for the presence of great teachers.  

In social systems, where there is grave need for corrections, periodically, through the centuries, great teachers arrive. They come with the divine command to lend light to the people. Their job is not to destroy social systems, and bring everything to a halt. Rather, they are to stand in a vantage position, with powers to envisage the distant paths in life, and shine light so that the wary wayfarer can confidently trek the path that leads to bliss and glory on earth, and also in heaven.

The great teachers

These great teachers are selected by God. How He does it, one cannot know; and there is no need to know. Know only that the God graces His will only on those who have the natural bearing in them, to be the repository of divine capacities.

Maybe there is a period in the life of those selected to be the grand bearers of Divine Designs, wherein they are made to pass through a sieve. It could be a sieve through which only those with a most natural of marvellous personal qualities can come out. These selected persons suddenly feel the divine intervention in their lives. It is a moment of revelation for them. 

They are made to know that they have a purpose in life. It is different from that of others. Others who have lived mundane lives, which are mere repetitions of millions of other lives, are revealed to be different from them. Yet is it also revealed that these selected persons are not to live in diamond-studded-castles, but to live among the others, so that their simple manners and means of livelihood would shine as dazzling example of ideal livelihood. These teachers are to live life bearing the entire trauma that an ordinary human life has to face. Vicissitudes of life, trauma of failure, pangs of hunger, working for earning a livelihood, pain of relatives dying and much else, plays out in their lives also.